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Joanne, Luton

I first visited Kate at the beginning of August 2011. My husband and I had been trying for a baby since December but I had post pill amenorrhea (7 months) and had recently been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and so wasn't ovulating. My life was hectic and Kate helped me to realise that my energies were low, virtually non existent!

Kate's holistic approach incorporated acupuncture, lifestyle and diet changes to suit my disposition which really helped to raise my energy levels and get my whole being working better.

Seven months after first visiting kate, and on our 3rd cycle of chlomid (and only second ovulation) we finally fell pregnant!

I continued to see Kate throughout my pregnancy in order to keep my energies at the correct levels. I had the dream pregnancy which I attribute to my body being so well prepared thanks to all Kate's help and guidance.

At week 39 of my pregnancy I attended a final acupuncture session to prepare my body and uterus for the forthcoming labour and again one day before my due date.

In the last acupuncture session Kate worked on some strong points to help naturally induce labour and also showed my husband and I several acupressure points to be used to encourage labour and also points to help with natural pain relief when the time came. When I had a sweep and stretch the following day my midwife commented on how ripe and favourable my cervix was. I delivered my beautiful daughter naturally without any medical pain relief 2 days later, using both the pressure points and breath and mind control to get me through it. What an amazing sense of satisfaction knowing I did it all on my own!



Sarah, Hertfordshire

I was told I had a premature ovarian reserve at the age of 34 after trying for a year to conceive. A couple of months after this diagnosis I decided to visit Kate because of the benefits I had heard could be gained from acupuncture in the treatment of infertility.

From the very first visit I was greatly impressed with Kate’s sensitive approach to my fertility problems (I had visited another acupuncturist before and stopped the course because I didn’t feel comfortable with the sessions) so started a course of treatment which helped me greatly over the following months, allowing me to become more relaxed during a very difficult time.

Eventually me and my husband decided to go down the IVF route and I believe this preparation helped me when I undertook a cycle of IVF as it was successful first time and I am now four months pregnant!

I’d thoroughly recommend Kate to anyone going through a situation similar to mine both for the physical and the emotional benefits.



Rosie, Welwyn Garden City

I was sceptical about acupuncture but my friend told me about Kate and I tried it to help with my headaches. Kate was very reassuring and explained that I had the very stubborn type of headaches that would improve but not go away altogether.

I found it very useful talking to her and realised a lot of things about myself that I had previously overlooked. I felt calm and relaxed after treatments and although the headaches didn’t disappear entirely, they have gone very much into the background and I feel empowered to deal with them myself a lot more. I really started to look at things in a different way and I am very grateful for that.



Paula, Harpenden

I came to see Kate several years ago for help with insomnia. I had experienced a very stressful time at work and my sleep had gone to pot.

I couldn’t believe how quickly we resolved my sleep issues and how calm and grounded I felt after my treatments. Now I go every year or so to help my energy levels and to keep me balanced. I love it and recommend it to everyone I see.


Lucy, Knebworth

I came to Kate initially for help to manage pain in one of my eyes. I really like Kate's holistic approach to identifying lifestyle factors as well as the wonderful release of pain that the needles provide.

I have been seeing Kate for 3 years now and the eye pain has become manageable and diminished considerably, improving my quality of life.

I have also had treatment to improve my fertility. Doctors previously told me that I might need fertility drugs due to my irregular periods. Before going on the pill I only had 2 periods a year. After finishing the pill, my periods came back more regularly with the acupuncture and I managed to get pregnant naturally within 8 months. Kate's been a great support and I would recommend the treatment to anybody.



Jane, Redbourn

I had had two terrible labours and was dreading my third. I called Kate initially to find out about setting off my labour as I had been induced with the others.

We talked it through and I felt prepared to have a couple of sessions at the end of my pregnancy to get me ready for labour. I enjoyed the sessions when I had the induction treatment I was thrilled when I went into labour a few hours later.

Kate also agreed to give me acupuncture for pain relief in labour and so met me at the hospital. She successfully helped me through the entire thing and I had such a positive experience that I asked her to help me again when I had my fourth baby!

I am a complete convert to acupuncture. It was amazing.



Colin, Hitchin

Someone at my tennis club told me about Kate and I thought that I should try and resolve my tennis elbow. It was a complaint that had been rumbling on for years but had finally put me off the court and I was feeling rather fed-up.

After six sessions I felt well enough to play again. I am still not quite sure how it all works but it was a very pleasant experience and I am glad to have found someone to help me manage it.



Jo, Harpenden

I first went to see Kate regarding my chronic fatigue symptoms - severe tiredness, dizzyness, fuzzy heads. My symptoms had worsened because I was going through a stressful time and also had high anxiety. As a person who found it hard to relax I found it amazing how my body responded to the treatment - I felt myself completely relaxing in our sessions and used this as a reference point for helping me slow down and relax more at home.

On top of all of this my partner and I had been trying for a baby and were looking to undertake IVF treatment. I was extremely pleased to hear that Kate specialised in women's issues, including IVF and she gave me some invaluable advice as I looked into the process. We worked together on my chronic fatigue and anxiety issues as well as preparing my body for the IVF treatment. I felt really well supported as we worked through this time in real partnership to prepare me for IVF.

I became pregnant after one IVF cycle and am convinced the acupuncture contributed massively to the treatments success. Kate continued to support me through pregnancy with treatment for related symptoms and also preparation for birth.

I now have a gorgeous baby boy and my health continues to go from strength to strength, with the chronic fatigue under control despite sleepless nights with my newborn!


Kate, Whitwell

After many years of suffering with sinus infections and being treated regularly with antibiotics, I decided to give Kate, and acupuncture, a try on the recommendation of a friend. I found her holistic approach extremely helpful, and began to feel the physical benefits of the acupuncture treatment almost immediately.

Following regular treatments over time, I have now had my first 'sinusitis-free' Winter and enthuse about acupuncture to everyone I know! Not only do I feel that it helps with my overall wellbeing and health, I find Kate's approach very supportive and really look forward to my sessions with her - knowing that I feel relaxed and grounded afterwards too.






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