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post natal acupuncture
Acupuncture for women


The baby blues is common and affects as many as one in seven mothers. Most women only think as far ahead as the birth of their baby, so it comes as a surprise! But the enormous physical and emotional changes that take place through pregnancy can often leave imbalances.

Feeling un-naturally low, having sleep disturbances, lack of diet and feeling irritable are frequent symptoms. Anxiety often accompanies postnatal depression and can become over-whelming without support.

Acupuncture is a gentle way of re-harmonising energy after childbirth. It is a particularly useful support for post-natal depression and tiredness/exhaustion. As it works on the mind and the body, it can relieve physical discomforts and thus restore emotional balance.




Kate runs acupuncture clinics at two locations. Please call for an appointment or to discuss how acupuncture can help your condition.

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