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acupuncture for infertility and IVF
Acupuncture for women


Significant advances in infertility treatment have been seen in recent years, yet treatment options can be invasive due to the high number of diagnostic tests involved in modern medicine. Additionally, some infertility is unexplained. An alternative therapy such as acupuncture can be useful in both assisted conception programmes and also in cases of unexplained infertility.

Because acupuncture is holistic, we look at all aspects of your life, such as digestion, sleeping patterns and lifestyle in order to rebalance your natural energy. Good health significantly improves fertility and acupuncture is a natural way of improving your general health.

Working closely with your menstrual cycle to select specific points at different stages, acupuncture will support and boost your body’s natural energy and so improve fertility.

When patients seek help to support them through an IVF programme, acupuncture helps to regulate the endocrine system, improve the ability of the uterus to accept an embryo, and calm the state of stress.

Kate is experienced in working with the different methods of assisted conception and can propose a course of treatment to complement the process. Your personal plan will be discussed at your first appointment.

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Kate runs acupuncture clinics at two locations. Please call for an appointment or to discuss how acupuncture can help your condition.

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